sc-o-pe An overview of the seminars @ the school-of-perception
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All audio-related seminars feature the three Mobile I/O 2d-expanded Interfaces by Metric Halo.

Andrew Levine is a qualified
& lecturer.

[radio blumlein]
Using SpectraFoo for Sound Reinforcement
  • MIO-setup, the Console & SpectraFoo
  • Configuring & using SpectraFoo
  • The Transfer Function
  • Ringing out a room & feedback-control
  • Fighting comb-filtering
Tracking & Mixing with the MIO 2d
  • MIO-setup, 2d mixer & Recording Panel
  • Advanced microphone techniques
  • Planning & setting up for tracking
  • Getting the most out of the ULN-2, 2882 & ULN-8
  • Monitoring the session
Mixing & Mastering with the MIO 2d
  • MIO-setup, 2d mixer & Monitor Controller
  • Configuring the routing-matrix
  • Working with strip-inserts & DSP-primitives
  • Console-integration into the DAW-based workflow
  • Dual mixing & post-processing
Never turn your back on Digital Audio
  • Sound, Noise & perception
  • Audio processing in the analog domain
  • AD & DA
  • Clocking & Jitter
  • DSP
Final Cut Studio in practice [Transitioning to EditShare LightWorks]
  • Perception, filmic rules & the esthetics of editing
  • Montage in theory & practice
  • Configuring & using Final Cut Pro
  • DVD-Production with DVD Studio Pro
  • Web-based content-distribution
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